A B O U T   M. S. B.

MSB is proud to celebrate its 46th SEASON!
Founded in 1971 by director Paula K. Shiff, MSB is a school for the aspiring professional and for people who just love to dance. We offer a variety of classes for young children, teens, and adults.

Our graded BALLET PROGRAM ranges from Creative Movement all the way to pointe and repertoire work. We also offer other related disciplines such as Stretch & Strength, Modern, and Pilates. In addition, we teach partner dances such as Salsa, Tango, Ballroom, Latin, and Swing! Learn more about our full range of classes:

MSB is home to the NORTH SHORE CIVIC BALLET COMPANY, founded in 1974 by Paula K. Shiff and Florence C. Whipple. We are also a proud member of the North Shore Dance Alliance.

  • a female ballet dancer releves at the barre


  • 4 women in full body leotards pose in a dance with modern lines


  • 3 ballet dancers hold an identical pose on an empty sandy beach


  • A graceful dancer is captured mid leap with only sky and clouds behind her


  • 5 ballerinas prepare to go on stage in traditional long tutus


  • male and female ballet dancers dance together


  • male dancer mid jump in ballet studio surrounded by photographer's lights


  • male dancer dressed as a prince presents his princess ballerina in her tutu and pointe slippers


Dance enriches all of life, teaching discipline, grace, self-control, musicality, and other qualities that carry over into all professions. We learn to dance and we learn from dance. We celebrate the elegance and power and range of the human form, the beauty of storytelling, the mastery of the musician, the visual artist, and the sculptor.

– Paula K. Shiff
  Director | MSB
Artistic Director | NSCB

Paula K. Shiff
  M. S. B.   I N   T H E   N E W S
The majority of our photographs are currently provided by NSCB board member