B A L L E T   P R O G R A M

At MSB, we place a strong emphasis on the building of a strong, well placed technique with a great emphasis on alignment and the development of strength and agility. The basic graded program for children includes classes in ballet technique, leading to work in pointe and repertoire. There is a modern dance department, including classes for young children in creative movement and classes in improvisation and technique for the older student. A full range of adult classes is offered.

We offer a full graded curriculum of dance for the recreational dancer as well as for the pre-professional student. The program includes creative movement, ballet, modern and other disciplines such as Pilates method mat work, and Stretch and Strength . We offer a highly successful summer dance intensive programs which attracts students from other areas of the county, and from abroad.

Marblehead School of Ballet is open year round and has an open enrollment policy.


  • Dance studio full of ballet students pose in Arabesque
    Photo by Joseph Puleo
  • Paula K. Shiff gives private instruction to male and female ballet partners
    Photo by Joseph Puleo
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    Photo by Paula K. Shiff
  • 2 girls in traditional pink tutus lace up their pointe shoes
    Photo by Peter Smith
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    Photo by Peter Smith

Some dance studios teach only to one student at a time, and others teach to the class as a whole.  MSB is unique because they give students individual correction, but the whole class learns why the correction is so important for all dancers.

– Marina Hostrop
    Dancer | Tokyo, JAPAN

Headshot of Marina Hostrop
  P L A C E M E N T   E V A L U A T I O N

MSB requires all new ballet students ages 8-19 to attend a placement class so faculty may determine the level of study most appropriate to their abilities. Prospective students do not need to audition.

Individual placement classes may be scheduled at any time during the year. Pre-registration is requested.

After the evaluation class we will meet with the student and the parents to discuss placement. Here at MSB, we want you to be successful, progress steadily, stay healthy, and become the best you can be. 

In general no matter how talented a student is, she will need to wait to begin pointe until the age of 11. Young girls who advance very quickly will not have the physical maturity to begin pointe work (starting pointe before the growth plates have closed can cause lasting physical injury and damage).

Dancer is captured in mid air as she pirouettes
Photo by Joseph Puleo
  A T T E N D A N C E   &   C A N C E L L A T I O N S
  • Progress is achieved through consistent attendance. Each class builds on the previous one, so attendance at all classes is highly encouraged.
  • Please notify the office regarding absences and/or scheduling a make-up class.
  • IF students have registered and paid for the next term, they have an additional 2 weeks to make up a class. Children taking Creative Movement or Pre-Ballet also have a 2 week grace period for making up classes.
  • There are no refunds for classes not taken.
  • Important school notices will be sent home electronically through email.
  • If MSB cancels classes because of snow, a cancellation message will be left on the studio’s voicemail and Facebook page. Students may make up snow days in another class during the term.
Male ballet dancer does port de bras at the barre
Photo by Joseph Puleo
 D R E S S   R E Q U I R E M E N T S

Ballet (women)

Black leotard
Pink tights
Pink ballet shoes
Hair secured off neck

Ballet (men)

White t-shirt
Black tights
Dance belt
White socks
White ballet shoes

Creative Movement
& Pre-Ballet

Bare feet
Hair secured off neck
GIRLS:  Leotard & Tights
BOYS:  Shorts & T-shirt

Modern Jazz

Bare feet 
WOMEN:  Leotard & Tights
MEN:  Shirt & Tights

Photo by Joseph Puleo
Photo by Joseph Puleo
Photo by Joseph Puleo
Photo by Joseph Puleo
IMG_0268 crop
Photo by Peter Smith
Photo by Peter Smith